when: April 2010

where: Moldova / Chisinau
show: Forum Stadtpark Graz / Austria

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Special selection for this show
gregor graf moldova 00      gregor graf moldova 02

left: Area and Houses / 105 x 70 cm, mounted on Dibond behind matt protective film
right: Walls and Fences / Series of 9 Photos, 40 x 30 cm each, mounted on Dibond behind acryl

gregor graf moldova      gregor graf moldova 07

left: house #1, 60 x 40, 
mounted on Dibond behind matt protective film
right: Ciocana, 105 x 70 cm,
mounted on Dibond behind matt protective film

gregor graf moldova 11      gregor graf moldova 09

left: walls, 3 injet prints
framed in box frames, 70 x 50 cm each
right: postcards, orig. postcards from the 80´ framed in boxframes with the same but current view, 40 x 30 cm each 

gregor graf moldova 19      gregor graf moldova 16

left: gap, 60 x 40 cm each,
mounted on Dibond behind acryl
right: flowers, 40 x 30 cm each, lamdaprint on matt photopaper

ausstellungsansicht forum stadtpark gregor graf


gregor graf moldova 13      gregor graf moldova gitter

object: 5 windowgrills made of press boards assembled to one object, 240 x 120 cm,


gregor graf moldova ciancano


gregor graf mauern 09    gregor graf mauern 07    gregor graf mauer 06    gregor graf mauern 08    gregor graf mauern 05    gregor graf mauern 03    
gregor graf mauern 01    gregor graf mauern 02    gregor graf mauern 04                     

Walls and Fences

gregor graf moldova haus #1      gregor graf moldova zaunbeton

left: House #1
right: House #2

gregor graf moldova trees      gregor graf moldova tulpen      gregor graf moldova lamp

Flowers and Trees

gregor graf moldova gap      gregor graf moldova gap 02


gregor graf moldova walls 01      gregor graf moldova walls 03      gregor graf moldova walls 03


gregor graf moldova area and houses

Area and Houses

gregor graf moldova bridge


gregor graf moldova river


Thanks to:

(KSA:K) Center for Contemporary Art in Chisinau, Moldova. Especially to Lilia, Max & Stefan
<rotor> Association for Contemporary Art in Graz, Austria.
Especially to Margarethe & Anton
Austrian Cultural Forum Bukarest, Rumänien
Miriam Bajtala
Katharina Lackner
Otto Hainzl
Luisa Santos

Gregor Graf   ...   ...   2010